On-site Inspections

A zero tolerance inspection is carried out by one of our fully trained inspectors coupled with our state-of-the-art inspection system, which is fully configurable to apply individual vendor standards. Each inspection is available online with supporting images of damage and full vehicle details, with various levels of information available online tailored to the user.

Off-site Batch Inspections

A very cost effective way of disposing of vehicles without the additional cost of transportation. SMA will dispatch a fully trained inspector to a single location such as dealership or storage compound. All vehicles will be inspected and imaged to industry leading standards, vehicle details are then uploaded  to the SMA website and can be offered for sale via timed auctions or Buy It Now options depending on individual requirements. Additionally SMA can offer this service where vehicles are marketed internally within your organisation before being collected and entered for physical sale. All fleet inspected vehicles offered for sale via the SMA website carry a full Vehicle Condition Report which is backed by our unique SMA Online Guarantee.

Inspect and Collect

As a direct result of the research carried out by SMA, a completely new and superior service for our fleet and finance customers has been introduced. SMA will communicate and arrange collections of end life vehicles at a time to suit the user. A fully trained inspector will arrive armed with our state-of-the-art-technology and complete a zero tolerance inspection. Any defects outside the specific customer's standards are reported and items priced with all documentation and accompanying images immediately available to view online.

SMA further enhance this offering by providing the vendor the option to have a video tour of the vehicle to be captured at the point of collection, this is unique to SMA and ultimately ensures that any possible disputes regarding vehicle condition are resolved easily.

Key for Key

SMA offer the ability to deliver vehicles to end users and return the old vehicle. This includes delivery of the vehicle, detailed liaison and completion of documentation during the handover, coupled with a full inspection report of the returning vehicle.  This service can be used for Fleet vehicle changeovers or retail sales where a trade in vehicle is to be collected.

Video Appraisals

SMA offer a video appraisal service for both on and off site inspections. Damage Video - SMA Inspectors take a short video tour of the vehicle highlighting any areas of damage, assessing both the overall impact of damage and this can also assist when recharging end users. Sales Video - Similarly the inspector will take a short video of the vehicle giving an overall view of the vehicle. Clients can then view interior, boot and external areas as required.


For more information on the SMA Inspections Services please contact Graham Armstrong on 01506 418309 or email support.services@smag.co.uk


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Our grading system is changing

NAMA grading has been developed to provide a long awaited industry standard grading scheme to be used across all auctions within the UK.

We have now introduced NAMA grading across our sites, and over the coming weeks you will notice more vehicles being offered for sale displaying a NAMA grade. These grades are easy to identify as they are 1,2,3,4,5 and U in place of the SMA grades A,B,C,D and E.

Please make sure you have familiarised yourself with the grades. We will still produce condition reports providing additional information for each vehicle as we always have.