SMA's Inspect & Collect Service Delivers Record Growth as Fleets Switch on to its Value

A record November performance by SMA's Inspect & Collect service topped off a 50% rise in sales activity over the last quarter alone as increasing numbers of fleet operators switched on to SMA's innovative de-fleet support service.

Designed to provide a portfolio of support services to support fleet managers and drivers at the end of contract process, Inspect & Collect from SMA provides an imaginative, safe, personal and rapid service. The service provides both end of contact vehicle management, to include condition reporting and collection, and new car delivery.  Where the service is imaginative is in its use of technology to assess valuations and the cost/value of any rectification instantly, in its personal and secure driver liaison and in its speed from first contact to final sale.

When combined the service is demonstrably unlocking greater value for fleet operators and finance companies and more of these customers are now switching to SMA to enjoy the benefits.

Creating the Customer Experience for Fleet Drivers

In car showrooms, manufacturers are encouraging their dealers to enhance the customer experience through 'Ceremony of the Keys' type hand-over programmes during aftersales. The SMA Inspection Services has adapted this quality experience approach in the field nationwide. Fully branded SMA technicians have been highly trained to provide the highest calibre of customer experience at the end of lease moment.

From initial personal contact to agree a convenient time and location to complete the end of contract vehicle condition appraisal, through to a professional hand-over of a new vehicle, a trained SMA technician can provide a total and personal changeover.

Fleet Manger Support - Faster & More Useful Data Insight

At the same time as enhancing their drivers' experience, fleet managers can access real-time condition data, with price estimates on the cost/value of any rectification work, with the vehicle collected and safely en-route to one of SMA's remarketing centres all in one visit.

The range of Inspect & Collect services stretches beyond just car collection and handover to include document control and full reporting options that if required can help hard pressed fleet departments to become that bit more productive. It is a simple, high quality process to which more fleets and finance companies are clearly turning.

Graham Armstrong, General Manager for SMA Inspection Services is proud of the way in which customers have reacted to the service;

"De-fleeting has long been viewed as a necessary process. We have worked to create both a better process and a better experience. When combined, we can demonstrate that a faster, safer, more convenient experience, works for drivers and fleet managers. The enhanced accuracy and speed can also help vehicle values, or at least accuracy and speed up 'time to cash'. The customer feedback and better still increased sales have been very pleasing proofs of our concept. Further investment in the success is set to see even more growth in the months ahead."

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NAMA grading has been developed to provide a long awaited industry standard grading scheme to be used across all auctions within the UK.

We have now introduced NAMA grading across our sites, and over the coming weeks you will notice more vehicles being offered for sale displaying a NAMA grade. These grades are easy to identify as they are 1,2,3,4,5 and U in place of the SMA grades A,B,C,D and E.

Please make sure you have familiarised yourself with the grades. We will still produce condition reports providing additional information for each vehicle as we always have.