SMA Growth Creates 50 New Jobs

On March 1st, SMA launched its new 'SMA Support Services' division. A stand out feature of this unique division is the distinctive 'SMA Inspection Services'. Within just 10 days the demand has been so strong that the business is now actively recruiting for a further 50 posts across the UK.

The new 'SMA Inspection Services' division is available to fleet operators to facilitate and speed up the end of lease process.  Combining leading-edge technology and exceptional customer service standards, the service is also designed to allow for customisation of the core service proposition to provide the type of bespoke approach that fleets are seeking.

Dedicated 'branded' SMA Inspectors undertake rigorous end of lease inspections to suit customers with pre-appointed time slots to aid convenience.  Using leading edge technology tools inspectors are able to provide an in-depth vehicle appraisal that rapidly connects the inspection, refurbishment costs, cost/value assessment and collection to the fleet management team using newly developed software which can be fully tracked.

Managing Director Bob Anderson proudly notes;

"We recognised from our research that this was an innovative idea, combining productivity, service, safety, speed and even a new car hand-over if required, but the feedback and uptake has been quite amazing, and vindicates the value of really engaging with customers in our product development process".

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Our grading system is changing

NAMA grading has been developed to provide a long awaited industry standard grading scheme to be used across all auctions within the UK.

We have now introduced NAMA grading across our sites, and over the coming weeks you will notice more vehicles being offered for sale displaying a NAMA grade. These grades are easy to identify as they are 1,2,3,4,5 and U in place of the SMA grades A,B,C,D and E.

Please make sure you have familiarised yourself with the grades. We will still produce condition reports providing additional information for each vehicle as we always have.