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Used car remarketing has traditionally carried with it high level of costs. Time, preparation costs, and transportation represent just some of the costs that are ultimately passed through the distribution chain.

Taking a 'lean' approach, SMA Vehicle Remarketing are committed to creating a faster, quicker, 'leaner' distribution route. The goal - to take cost out of the process.

The multi-level approach being adopted by SMA involves both traditional auction centres and leveraging the web, and rapidly evolving web-based technologies, designed to facilitate sales 24/7.

Expanding the Auction Centre Network

Investment in bricks and mortar continues across the Group, with new facilities at Leeds, and most notably the forthcoming opening of the all new Birmingham Auction Centre, which is now only weeks away.

SMA Technical Services

Part of the physical expansion includes the development of the Technical Services operation, which will soon feature at all SMA Centres. With the capacity to complete major body rectification work, vendors have been delighted with the speed and value the approach takes and the flexibility to deal with even minor work (small changes that can really add value).

Ensuring the physical sites are even more welcoming and efficient, the Group has embarked upon a recruitment campaign, backed up by the creation of training programmes for all staff.

SMA On-Line Harness the Web It is perhaps in the world of IT development that SMA is truly leading the market.


As Group MD, Bob Anderson notes; "Technology is re-inventing every walk of life. Traditional auctions continue to have a very real place, but increasingly we are finding new vendors and new buyers because our IT systems can bridge that age-old problem - getting the right used car to the right location, fast".

A series of innovations are coming on stream, here are just two of the most exciting:

SMA View It Now

An exclusive SMA service that provides video and audio vehicle appraisals. Buyers can view and hear a 360 view of the car and interior, voiced over by one of SMA trained assessors.

SMA Advantage

Provides access to pre-auction stock and timed auctions. Buyers can:

  • Place a bid and keep checking back to see if an increased bid is required
  • Place a maximum bid and allow SMA to bid on the buyers behalf up to an agreed limit
  • Click the buy it now button

SMA Online Guarantee

All vehicles purchased online are backed by the SMA Online Guarantee. To show our commitment to our online customers and to the information we provide to them, all vehicles displaying a completed Inspection Report are covered by our exclusive SMA Online Guarantee.  If you take delivery of any online purchased vehicles and find the condition differs from our online Inspection Report, let us know within 24 hours and the vehicle can simply be returned, with a full refund of the purchase price.

In the world of used cars, SMA are harnessing a winning formula, better auction centres, a wider range of support services, unrivalled on-line access to stock and perhaps above all, the customer service that has seen SMA short listed for the FN Awards Customer Service Award 2011.

To find out how SMA can help you to buy or sell call 01506 418309 or email

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Our grading system is changing

NAMA grading has been developed to provide a long awaited industry standard grading scheme to be used across all auctions within the UK.

We have now introduced NAMA grading across our sites, and over the coming weeks you will notice more vehicles being offered for sale displaying a NAMA grade. These grades are easy to identify as they are 1,2,3,4,5 and U in place of the SMA grades A,B,C,D and E.

Please make sure you have familiarised yourself with the grades. We will still produce condition reports providing additional information for each vehicle as we always have.